Are you ready to hunt your yeti?


You've made it this far, so let's find out!

  • What is it that you’ve been trying to accomplish?
  • What in your life have you been trying to chase?
  • What does everyone else think is crazy that you know it’s time to go get?

That’s your Yeti.

You know something is in your heart and you know you need to hunt it down and seize it, but you’re just not quite sure how. Trust me, I’ve been there and I live in that tension every day. That’s why I started Yeti Huntin’.

A “Yeti” is this:

  • It’s something that you don’t know for sure exists. You’ve heard about it and it may be out there, but you don’t know for sure.
  • People think you’re crazy when you talking about chasing it, they tell you to stay put like everyone else.
  • But you know that a passion burns inside of you to go get it, to go chase it, and even if you fail, you know you’ve tried.

That is what Yeti Huntin’ is all about.

Our mission at Yeti Huntin’ is to encourage men and women of all ages to pursue their God-given passion, design, and calling regardless of the circumstances. Yeti Huntin’ isn’t a one day thing or a one time thing. Yeti Huntin’ is a lifestyle and Yeti Hunters have to stick together. At Yeti Huntin’ we believe in living content, living courageous, and living controlled so you can live free.

We’re here to help!  We offer the following …



Lincoln is available to speak to your group and provide enormous inspiration. Whether you are looking to hype up your team for an upcoming season or event, inject some “oomph” during a mid-season slump, or just mix things up a bit, we can adapt and inspire in any scenario. We are available to speak at the following venues:

  • Conference
  • Employees
  • Youth Group
  • Club
  • Training event

1 on 1 Coaching

Schedule a time to come visit us for a consultation. The initial consultation is always free. If we think we can help, we will move forward, if not, we won’t waste your time and money or ours.

At a an initial one on one coaching consultation, we will condense our seminar/Huntin’ club teaching into more focused action steps. The process is as follows:


  • Make the decision (Identify your Yeti)
  • Find your why
  • Honestly assess yourself
  • Plan time sensitive, achievable steps to achieve
  • Assign accountability

Huntin’ Clubs

Huntin’ clubs are one day seminars where you and a group of others come to learn about the Yeti Huntin’ lifestyle and take steps to chase your Yeti. We will implement a simple process with the following steps:


  • Make the decision (Identify your Yeti)
  • Find your why
  • Honestly assess yourself
  • Plan time sensitive, achievable steps to achieve
  • Assign accountability

Speaking topics include:

Live Content, Live courageous, Live controlled; Persevere the Process; Maximize the Mundane; Control your Conduct; Accept Adversity; Expect the Enemy; Celebrate your Circumstance; Relax and Reflect

Need to talk? I’m here! Reach out.


(704) 214-2145


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